Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Year, Another Adventure

Hard to believe that another school year is quickly approaching...and yet we are enjoying the end of summer fun!  I am so excited beginning another year (5 year cycle) of My Father's World curriculum and satisfied that this will be a great year of ancient/roman history! 

We loved last year, when we studied the beginning of creation all the way through Greeks and can't wait to see the adventure that lies ahead in these chapters of history!  After a long summer of travel, schooling and fun, we are ready to dive into the next few years of history.  The curriculum involves Rome to Reform years of history, studying anatomy and astronomy in science, Math and English, along with classical music of Bach, Beethoven, and Handel.  We are going to continue Art in History and pick up the game of Chess*.  Other than that, we are getting back to basics with extra-curricular activities such as dance for Rayne and theatre for Luna.  After looking at our schedule I am going to enjoy our Friday free days and lavishing myself with quiet afternoon that day!

We are preparing for a new year with a local homeschool group that I am really excited to begin.  We are getting to know new families that help to round out our school year "socially".  We are going to be doing field trips all over and Luna will be gathering with her youth group at church as well.  With all this fun and adventure that leaves little time to relax and recuperate.  I guess that is just how we roll! 

Luna is beginning her first year in middle school and I am so geeked for her.  Being a teenager once myself, I get that this begins her years of changing/wondering who she is.  With a solid understanding of Christ and where she fits in his world, I have no doubt that she will contribute greatly to those who are less sure of themselves as she working with others in her Youth group at Keystone!  We love that place and I see how much the youth is doing locally, I can't help but be excited for her! She is doing great with her vocal lessons. Lu enjoys hanging with friends, playing Minecraft and chatting about boys! Yes, I never thought I would be saying this but she is officially becoming a young lady.  She hates this term and says "Mom, I am almost a teenager.  Not a young lady."  I know it is old fashion, but I just love seeing her grow up and what each year bring to her as she matures! 

Rayne loves MI and all the friends she has met.  Yes, she is officially a tweenie and also loves being that girlie girl we love.  She is learning to adjust to life up North and finds that AL is missed from time to time.  It is a big adjustment considering she has lived most of her life in AL.  She still loves to go barefoot and lights up at the sight of a beach. (Although, it is not even close to the beaches of the south)  We are getting excited for another year of Ballet that includes trying out for the Nutcracker.  She is going to be involved in Praise team at Keystone for the 2nd year and this time she will be alone.  (Her sister was becoming a nuisance, because she is more vocal and outgoing for Rayne's shy self!  Also Lu moved up to Youth.) As for the academics, Rayne likes school and seems receptive to another year of ancient history.  She is also getting to do an anatomy class with new friends at a co-op, which we are all looking forward to. This year marks her 4th grade year and I am so happy that she is starting to like Math.  I never thought I would see the day she didn't battle with the numbers and win.  She is such a perfectionist, like my mother, and wants to get them all right or she has failed!  I don't understand that take on most things but with some homeschool moms' insight I have a better idea of where to go and how to help!

Be prepared for lots of entries, pictures and review of materials we are using as the year progresses.  Hoping to get some ideas for next year on how to present and utilize all the free apps and resources available to us as homeschoolers.

(*I am not looking forward to trying to understand this game and working through the competitive nature of my girls.)


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