Sunday, June 8, 2014

Homeschooling Summer Bucket list Yr 2

So this is when we homeschoolers begin our summer by finding ways to encourage and incorporate school into daily activities. This summer we are starting off with some volunteer and community service projects, learning about babysitting and 4-H preparation for fair, and how to survive a road trip while still doing schoolwork ( and making it fun)!  We will continue with summer school but not the typical boring classwork in a that wouldn't be homeschooling if done that way.  We will be working on science of nature; God's creation of gardens, trees and flowers.  Next we will work on the science of chemistry around us and earth features/structure.  We will also work on our literature the local libraries with their incentives and such.  The girls will work on Bible & History through our study of old testament & our reading/art projects on Ancient Rome.  Art will also be completed with a trip to Toledo Art museum bi-monthly and some local field trips that Luna and Rayne love.  Lego and robot love are combined in our study at local "Built It! " lego summer camp classes. We are also taking advantage of local library summer fun and joining both Ida/Bedford (Monroe County, MI )Library activities, along with (Perrysburg, OH)Way Library's fun science kick off!

Rayne's Bucket list: Beach, visit friends in AL, sleepover, swimming, park, summer reading, date time with mom & dad alone, pampering nite with pedicures, Wii game Olympics.

Luna's Bucket List:
Beach, shell search, visit best friend in AL, crab hunting, aquarium, park, water slides, fair, amusement park, swimming, Nana's party, fireworks, summer movie outdoors, camping in backyard, art museum, painting canvas, summer camp, sleepover with friends.

Mom & Dad's Family Bucket List: 
  • Cedar Point Amusement Day
  • Outdoor Saline Movie night
  • Tecumseh Music in Park night
  • Visit the local Hidden Gardens
  • Visit local Saline farm
  • Visit Geocaching sites in Saline
  • Summer Camp with Keystone

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