Monday, September 1, 2014

Usage of Essential Oils for Autism, ADHD and Allergies

The following are articles I have found that speak of the usage and help with autism and ADHD.
"Vetiver is one of the top essential oils for autism, ADHD and ADD. Vetiver smells like the forest after the rain, that damp earthy scent rising from the earth mingled with freshly trampled grass. Rather intriguing and earthy. Vetiver is quite syrupy and thick, it doesn’t drip out of the bottle as easily as the other oils. The smell is rather strong, the scent tends to linger on even hours after applying, so one drop goes a long way. I usually mix it with coconut oil and massage the girls’s feet before bed, concentrating on the big toes. It quiets an overactive, exhausted or stressed mind. It can also help to control anger, irritability or neurotic behaviour. It worked nicely for Min Min, but it made Mei a bit goofy and silly. I guess she was already zen and calm enough!" -Dragon slayer
Jamie's story: I homeschool my 5 1/2 year old daughter. When in school she had no focus at all and wouldn't sit down to listen to stories. I took her out a couple months ago and at first it was a big struggle for me to get her to pay attention or even answer my questions at time. I have been using these oils on my clients for over 4 yrs now and then on myself and family for sleep, energy, gut issues etc. I had never looked at them for focus/ADHD issues, I started looking into it and ordered In Tune and I already had the rest of them. I still remember the first day I put the InTune up her spine on her neck and the triangles behind the ears and then massaged her and let her smell it, we also did in the diffuser balance while we were doing our work that day. She was more focused and was actually interested in what I was showing her and wanted to do her writing by herself (usually I would hold her hand and help her trace). I thought it maybe was a coincidence but then we did it the next day and the next and got more done than we had the last previous weeks. At night I started doing frankincense and vetiver on her feet as well as lavender. Now we also do lemon, peppermint for her to inhale or I diffuse if she is feeling lethargic or tired. I had great results with lavender for her before she would go to her social group. She would usually be hyper and wouldn't participate, running around doing her own thing. She was paying better attention, more calm and actually playing with the other kids the first time we did it, I rubbed it on her neck and feet before we left the house. 
Read more of Jaime's story here.
She particularly recommends the following five oils for children with ADHD and also children on the autistic spectrum: Balance oil blend; lavender; frankincense; vetiver; and In Tune.
You can read more details about her advice here, here and here.
Essential oils and Autism
“I am sharing this mother’s inspirational story about her autistic son with ADHD and who suffers with seizures (from doTERRA Synergy; doTERRA edge page).  The author was kind enough to say allow for this to be posted and shared to give other families HOPE if they have children with autism. LONG POST AHEAD, but it’s totally worth it, I promise!” -Sondra
Testimonies of Essential Oil Benefits on Autistic/ADHD kid
With all these testimonies and friends who have also used these products to help their children with anything as simple as a cold, to something more complex like ADHD in schools.  I love that each one has their own unique way of approaching this holistic medicine and yet each one had glowing results.  We have personal been using YL oils and NAN oils for about 6 months and have notice huge improvements in our own children.  We have one child (Moon) who is high functioning autistic child with Anxiety and Hyperactivity issues, and one child (Sky) who has allergies and is often catching the latest bug floating around. I have used the products that others recommended with pretty successful results.  I highly recommend trying them in samples from others before putting all the money into such an investment.  But for our home, the dividends far outweigh the initial costs!
~Kim (homeschooling mom of 2)
I hope you have enjoyed learning more about oils and how they can benefit all those who you love and care for.
For more information on any oils or companies, please do research and find out for yourself if these products would benefit your family.  I have a link to my YL website, if you want more information or help purchasing some at a discount. 

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