Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quitting to bring about rest and peace

We're beginning this month with our 8th month of homeschooling this year.   We took a long extended break in October. Due to moving back to Michigan after 6 years in Alabama, we have begun a new journey in the new part of state.
Where to begin?  That start with the attitude we have now as opposed to the laid-back bliss of Alabama. We used to love spending our summers with friends at the drive in movies,going to the library activity, swimming in people's pools, walking for a stroll in the local parks, hiking in a local mountains and just relaxing at home with our kids and friends in the neighborhood!  The whole world changed and March of this year when we move back in with our family in Michigan. I have so many memories as a child here in this country setting of Michigan:  hanging out with my friends and family, going for walks along the river , climbing the local trees and most of all just being at peace with nature.  I remember in highschool spending my nights outside looking at the stars in writing my own poetry and then heading off to college and working this summers at the local state park. What does the future hold for my children? I don't know neither does anyone know what the future holds for their children.
My question to all of you is how are you securing the possibility of their future?  We decided almost 10 years ago that we were going to look into what schools we would send our children to and then our child grew from a toddler to a four and five year old we made the decision to homeschool her and her sister. Some people would say that decision would change our lives forever! And they would be right it totally change my view and my perspective on life as a parent and as a teacher for my children.
We have had many ups and downs on this roller coaster called home schooling and we have learned so much from our children and from the environment including history and the future of our country city and state. But I wouldn't change this journey for anything in the world!  
I'm not saying that homeschooling is for every parent nor is it for every child but for my children and has been a blessing for both of us! The one thing that I feel is lacking as we transition back to Michigan ( a fast-paced city with lots of rushing here and there,) is the peace and tranquility, the blessing and the mystery of the south.
I will continue to stop and smell the roses, to teach my children the beauty of Michigan's nature and to try and let them see the lack of stress and the peace that I have from living in the South!  I want my children to remember to both of beauty and the different landscape and nature that was found in Alabama while still learning about their roots here in Michigan! 
Today is the day when I begin to find peace in the nature and beauty of my surroundings.  Today is the day that I quit worrying and stressing about things I have no control over! Today's the day I stop and see the beauty that God has created around me and cherish this time with my girls.
Take the time to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, take the time to cherish these slow times in our life with our children before they are gone; our children, now adults, busy in their own lives.
Return to your roots remember the past and talk with all of you soon,
              Nature Hippie Mama (Kim S)

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  1. The slow days of the south can bring amazing peace to the heart. I will pray for you during this transition. Thank you for linking up!