Monday, June 24, 2013

Bucket List for the Summer of 2013

Wow, I can't believe that we are already into the 4th summer of our bucket lists.  We are getting so many things on our list, it amazes me that we can get even half of it completed.

This year I let each girl pick out the 5 things they wanted to do most and 'of course dad and I also get to do somethings we have been wanting to do since moving back to our home town area.  It came down to about 33 things that we want to see in the Mi/Oh area! 

Summer is upon us and we have started early.....the longest day of summer has past us and we have already done 2 things on list! Now if we had seen the summer Super moon, that would have topped the list

Here it is (in no particular order):

  1. Swimming in an outdoor pool
  2. Water park day & zip lining
  3. Indoor trampoline center
  4. xChildren's Museum in Grand Rapids
  5. Toledo Art Museum
  6. Science Museum in Dayton
  7. Columbus Zoo
  8. Visit family in Grand Rapids
  9. Indoor Bouncy Houses & climbing rock walls
  10. Kids Jungle Gym
  11. Henry Ford Museum
  12. Fairy Park
  13. Toledo area Parks (Oak Opennings, Side Cut and biking all over them)
  14. sleepover with good friend
  15. xclimbing trees
  16. Building project at Lowe's
  17. Train ride
  18. Camping out
  19. VBS (a summer tradition in AL)?
  20. U of Michigan Natural History Museum and artifacts!
  21. County Fair
  22. local lake
  23. beach in FL (end of summer)
  24. Ice cream at local store
  25. Picking our own strawberries and making jam
  26. Fireworks
  27. Visiting local farm with goats and bunnies
  28. Bike rides on Toledo trails
  29. Sand Dunes of MI
  30. Clock making place?
  31. pick peaches off trees (possibly end of summer)
  32. Arcade Museum in Detroit
  33. Cranbrook Institute
  34. Meijer's Garden Center in Grand Rapids

I hope you are enjoying your summer with friends and family!  Take the time to enjoy the nice weather and time with family while they are young.  It seems our girls have grown up so fast and they are only 8 & 10!

God bless, Kim S.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Frugal Family - there are some wonderful frugal fun ideas on your bucket list! enjoy your summer!