Thursday, September 16, 2010

A week in the life of " Homeschooling Bugs"

Well....what do you do with your day? How do you finish all your work and still have time to go outside? Is she getting any socialization with others? I don't know how you do it, it is too hard for me.

These are just a few comments and questions I hear on a daily basis.....Take a moment and look at our schedule this week and how we get it all done!

Mom's  September 3rd week of School                   MFW 2nd gd
Days of week Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Bible Jesus saves Live like Jesus jesus as a child Jesus Window 
Math MUS # 4 MUS #4 wrk 2 MUS #4 wrk 3 MUS #4 test MUS #5
Reading The Roman Twins Ancient Rome Exploration & conquest Molly Bannaky How many days to America
History Amer P (16) Exlore A (33-35) Amer P (17-19)  Explore A (36-39) Amer P (20-21) Amer P (22-25)  Explore A (39)
Spelling Placement test B spelling list A1 review & test Spelling list A2
Art ICDAT (16) ICDAT (17) ICDAT (18) ICDAT (19) ICDAT (20)
Book Basket Romans Jesus Columbus Jamestown Pedro's Journel
Music God Bless A God Bless A picture with music 
Grammer none
Science Science Air (4) Science Air (5, 22) Nature walks

We also take the time to involve the girls in sports and other "socialization"....playdates with FCCS (cover school), Fieldtrips, Theater, Ballet/Tap for Rayne, Girl Scouts & Karate for Luna & Choir/Missons for both girls.  I tend to love to keep us busy, but the occasional off time is also fun!

 Remember that they are only little for a short while, & live in the moment!

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  1. I have often wondered how a homeschooling mom does it all...your schedule is very impressive!! Way to go!


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