Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new year and a new outlook.....

Wow, I can't believe that I am teaching a 2nd grader and Kindergardener!I love teaching my girls and thoroughly enjoy spending time learning through their eyes.

We are currently working on American History and the founding of our country.  I love that I can see this for the first time through a Christian perspective and understand more fully why this country was founded.  Luna is reciting "God bless America" and working on learning more about John Smith, Christopher Columbus, Powhatan, and other important settlers.  We just finished looking at life in Jamestown and how to relate to the jobs of each family member! The girls are trying their hands at helping more with daily chores, getting lunches ready and helping keep our house in order as a step back to life in the early days.  They have no reference except when the power goes out or we have to hang our clothes on the line.  But washing the dishes by hand is by far their favorite because it involves bubbles.  They are both enjoying the choir and mission friends on Wednesday night and I know I can't wait for another production for those kids to shine!Luna is also begun a journey into the world of Koren martial arts in Karate! She is really quite good considering that most of the students are 9-12 years of age in her homeschool class.  She is getting better with her balance and also form.  I will post some pics once I get them taken.

Rayne is really excelling in K curriculum and I am sure we shall finish with half a year to spare.  We love the idea of combining bible with works of each letter and My Father's World does a great job of presenting this in each topic.  She is excited about starting dance again and looking forward to many nights showing us what she knows.  Look forward to a video of her moves in May.

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