Saturday, May 29, 2010

As summer approaches, watch for the fun of exploration to explode!

Well as most students are preparing for some rest, relaxation and summer camps, we are embarking on our summer studies where we try to get closer to nature, learning new things along the way.  This summer is all about worms, frogs and fish....Oh My!!  I love this time of year, when we get ready to venture north to Michigan and visit the family.  The lakes, forests and general topography are prefect for exploring, discovering and just hiking.  We will be looking at measurements, fractions and continue to review clockwork and money.  I love how nature can inspire such learning without needing much supplies.  We are also going to include some art study in with our nature time~ after all what goes better with nature then some colored pencils and paper.

Luna is learning so much and growing!  She is reading great with small level 3 books and working to extend her vocabulary.  She loves math and applying it to any purchase we make.  I have really seen her blossom as a young girl in all that she has accomplished.  Sometimes she amazing me with her thought process and I am again aware of the girl she is becoming.  We have begun to study the chapters of bible in more depth and she is always interested in learning more about the ppl of Old testament.  Now if we can just get her interested in riding her bike without training wheels. 

Rayne is working on her Alpha Bugs lapbooks and has an ever growing collection.  I am proud of the time she takes to color a picture picking out just the right color and making she it matches the rest.  She loves to work on her writing and I am hoping her sisters love for stories will be something she enjoys as well.  They really are great imaginative children at play. 

Here is to the summer; a time to slow down, reflect and absorb the nature all around!

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