Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 2012....Year of Creation to Greeks!

    This is a new year and we are starting it off with a bang!  We spend most of the beginning of this month relaxed and reflecting on a year of homeschooling gone by.  We goto our hometowns in OH/MI and reflect on how much life has changed for old and new friends.  We all come together and enjoy memories both past and present.  We allow our kids to be kids and treasure some of the same memories we had as kids, John and I. 

   We grew up in the midwest and there is something that always draws me back.  Of course, visiting my family who lives 12 hours north is one reason.  But there is more to the visit then just closeness with my family.  I also feel a sense of being home when I come to any location in MI.  It is for me: closeness with nature, trees, the cool breeze of the lakes, the diversity of all points of the state and just those scents and sounds of MI.  My girls got to experience the lakes power before a storm....rocky waves and big swells that could compete for fun with the small swells of the oceans off of FL.  They had fun at the local hot spots of Grand Rapids, MI which included the Meijer's Gardens, Grand Rapids Musuem and the local food spots that I will put in my memory book....

   Then there is the memories of time spent with my mom and seeing my girls give my mom respect, glory and love.  There is nothing more precious then that. And this year my brother and his wife have blessed our family with another grandbaby, and neice to love on. It is truly remarkable to see my brother in this new light, as a father. I have seen his past as a loving brother, and friend and as he matured a loving uncle and playmate to my girls.  Mother had her 6th installment of her "Celebration of Life party" with so many things to celebrate from her new hip replacement with equal balance and height for both legs, my brother's new child, and his graduation from college. 

So as I look back over this summer I am going to thank God for all these blessing and more. 

And now onto the 6th Year of our Homeschooling Experience:

This will mark the first in a series of 5 years where the girls will be taught 5 subjects together....I am super-exicted for such family bonding and interaction. 

First: We will be studying ancient history and biblical timeline from Creation to the Greeks.  It will allow us to see what the beginning of bible was like for christians of the times and how greatly we strayed from Our Maker as time went on. 

David vs Goliath

Next: we will be working on our Grammer and English together as we continue to tackle the First Language Lessons and Primary Language Lessons, along with All About Spelling to reinforce our spelling errors.
Then: we will work together on our biblical celebrations as we take a closer look at the beginning of our religious history and deeper look at the bible.
After: we will look at our creative sides as we discuss classical composers of early music and look at God in History of Art....Leonardo D'Vinci and Michaelangelo.
Lastly: we will study science through the story of creation....all areas in little pieces. Nature, astronomy, biology, plants, physics....etc.

The kids will then seperate for quiet reading, math in our Math-u-see texts and read alouds.

Our first day arrives in one week and the rest of this week will be spent enjoying the last days of summer!~



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