Monday, June 4, 2012

Sumertime Bucket List Fun

What does a bucket list actually mean?
  Well for those who don't know, it is a list that is written to help direct things of interest he/she wants to complete in given time frame.  Most people give themselves a year,like a new  resolution to complete before the year ends or before they die they was to try this.
Summer Bucket List of fun! For our family they are the things we would like to tryout, complete or take a shot at before our summer ends and homeschooling begins again.It s a time to reflect on things not yet accomplished, on things we love to do but seem to not have time for or the one thing we have not thought of.
So now here is our list of Swiczkowski Fun..... (drum roll, please)

  1. Goto McWane Center
  2. Beach time in Destin, Fl.
  3. go to a pool/water park
  4. Get to library for summer reading fun!
  5. Bowling alley fun
  6. Creat your own art wall gallery
  7. See baby elephants at zoo
  8. Try rock climbin
  9. tie dye T-shirts
  10. see some big fireworks!
  11. Act out our own play.
  12. Rock out under the stars.
  13. Have a Wii fest day
  14. Host a garage sale for fundraiser ( for homeless shelter
  15. Fun at splash pad.
  16. Playdates with good friends
  17. washing van
  18. Bike rides to neighborhood park
  19. Making smores by campfire
  20. Camping at least once in our tent!
  21. Atlanta trip to Fernbank

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