Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcome to a new year and a new look.....Girls are getting bigger and I am getting smaller?!

Rayne with friends....thinking! May 2011

Lu's block creation. McWane 2011

Girls having tea party on back porch June 2011
 As I look back on the year and how things have is me who sees change not them.  They see another week, another year, another Christmas....but I see mature, young ladies waiting to grow older, become wiser and follow Christ the whole way!  it makes me get misty and even cry a few happy tears, but it is true.  I love my girls and I know that I make every day special not knowing when this will be over and life will be anew with girls going to college and getting married?!  Daddy time is what they crave and I love seeing these kids dote upon their father!  They crave the fun, silly daddy that lights up when they are around and lives for us!  He is a hard working daddy who loves his family and knows how to survive long hours at job and some quality daddy-daughter time!

Daddy wants the pumpkin seeds, raw! 2011

Halloween 2011
Lu and Rayne 2007

Wow, girls having parties and learning how to get along as they get older this task gets harder!  They seem to embrace each other and hang on tight for the bumpy ride. I am so glad they have each other and adore/cherish these moments.  They want to please God and us, trying to obey our wishes.  They also fall like all humans and sometimes lose their way!  But eventually they will be with our Heavenly Father and this will be a memory in my blog....only he knows the time and I plan on taking in all the time I can get with these girls!

Love this party idea and thought that it went really well, with the helps of some friends we had a blast and girls really did feel like real fancy Nancy's. We had tea and sandwiches, painting our nails, did our tattoos, decorated our tea cups, wrote some words for Rayne and even had some cake decorating fun!  Guess dreams really do come true....Never in a million years did I see myself with two loving daughters married to a great guy and homeschooling them as I teach at a local home school co-op. If you had asked me when I was 22, where I would be in 15 years I would have said that I would be teaching science at a public middle school in MI/IN and probably still be single or dating with no kids but my students!  I would probably been very active in my local church and spending weekends with my family♥ Not in AL, homeschooling my 2 girls, and having a blast as I grow closer to God and my peeps down here in the south!  Love it. thanks God for your ultimate plan that is so much bigger than I am!

Rayne turns 6! Fancy Nancy style May 2011

I love how I can see this moment as thru a looking glass and see how my girls have grow....Lu in purple on left and Rayray on the left center by flowers with pink flower in her hair!  God is so good and my girls are learning so much this year.....geography, seasons and weather, our faith in God and journey as missionaries around the world along with our journey as missionaries on Wed nights.  We are growing in our knowledge of North and South American, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  We are learning about missionaries like Cameron Townsend, Harriet Tubman and others as Hero Tales go, and also about the little people who changed the future of our country like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.  We are also looking at art of those who came before us like Picasso, Monet and Henry Massitie....along with music by Back, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky!  more too come this winter and Christmas, please look back in Jan for more updates!

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