Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime and Schoolwork Explodes....

Wow another year and my girls are growing up so fast....They are finishing up the year in K and 2nd, moving up to the next grades and loving it!  We have been homeschooling them for about 4.5 years and I can see Luna growing so much and so fast.  They are not my little bugs anymore, they are becoming more like young pupas and I can see that they are enjoying the time we spend together as a family.  I am growing so much as I see them changing and learning from all we do.  The girls are learning about themselves, each others, cooperation, getting along with others despite your own wants and desires, helping others big and small, the history of our great country, and their Savior, Jesus!

Rayne is a whole another person. She is loving and caring, wanting to do want Mommy wants to please us. She loves school because she gets to have some control over what she does and will complete a task to get the next one started. She loves reading and is getting quite good at trying to read small books to us w/help. She enjoys dance and I can really see her going somewhere someday! She will be starting ballet at Briarwood studios next year and I can't wait to see what she will do. She loves music and dance, there is a future in this for her is she keeps with it. She is now riding her bike w/out training wheels and loves being outside finding bugs or planting new seeds. She is a thinker and very smart. I love her kind spirit and gentle way of mothering her dolls. She will make a great mother someday!

This year Luna has grown in ways I could have never imagined. I know, us moms tend to see how our babies are growing and maturing, but I am talking about spiritually and intellectually. Things I think I would have missed under my mommy radar had they been in school for 8 hours. She is looking at the world with such innocent eyes and wanting to change it. She wants to be part of God's plan and bring others to Jesus. She loves talking to others no matter their age or cultural differences. She sees people closer to how Jesus saw them then anyone I have ever met, young or old. She seems them as beautiful and wants to make them happy. I love that about her and I thank God every day for the blessing he gave me in her. I also see how she figures things out, trying to solve problems and learn from her mistakes. She loves math and story problems. She loves to read and is a book worm. She loves to use her imagination and create a new story or act it out! These are the things I love about her! She is impulsive, action oriented, bossy at times to her sibling and has no idea what a stranger is, these are the things that scare me and keep me awake at night. But these are also the things that make her who God wants her to be and also great qualities we want in adults or friends.....a hard toss!

I have heard that being a parent is hard and comes with no manual, but I swear I am learning through my kids. Looking at Luna is sometimes like looking at myself as a child and sometimes like looking at my husband. She can have the attitude and be quite intense and then be caring and tender hearted. It is interesting how our personalities mesh in our children.  Rayne is so stubborn and sweet at the same time.  She is like myself playing alone or dancing to a song and then she looks at me with those eyes and I see my husband in her spirit, quiet and loving wanting to cuddle.

I loved My Father's World this year.....we all learning more about America in the beginning, how our people came to live here and call it home!  We will continue to learn more about our great country in 4 more years, but it was a good start!  We will study the world thru geography next year.  I can't wait and I know that Luna is excited too!  Luna's sister will be doing 1st grade work and learning more about birds, butterflies and life with God throughout time.  I know this next year will be great!  So far we are on task and I feel great about where they are as they grow, I might change my mind....but for now I know they are fine!  Luna is working intensely as she tries to catch up with her spelling and understanding how to use her brain when it comes to letters, words and numbers.  We found out this year to my own worries that she has dsylexia and I can see it coming out as we began the year with spelling power and moved to Structure and Spelling to try and combat this.  We then will begin All About Spelling to cover her missed understanding of our complicated language!  Thank God, he brought some great women into my life to guide me down this path!

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