Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Fun Doesn't Have to Cost Lots!

We have been enjoying our summer bucket list, most of which requires little money, little prep time and little supplies....We have gone on hikes, played at local pond, caught frogs, listened to their calls, gone canoeing, playing games that we purchased at local thrift store ($10 for 7 games) and done lots of painting, drawing, and artistic crafts all for under $5!

But recently we have received some emails relating to trying out some new art supply kits that cost around $20.  That is actually a great price when you consider what it comes with....all the supplies minus the things you can easily find around your home (rubbing alcohol, paper towels, etc...)

Here are two such kits that you might be interested in looking into for your homeschooling family to help break up this last month of the summer...or a great thing to do on vacation or while taking a stay-cation!

Great ideas, that kids can do as a family or by themselves....Enjoy!

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