Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and the joys of homeschooling....

As we begin the second week of April I am looking back on this year as a time of transition and time of change....both in school and my girls.  They are getting so big and so intellegent that I needed to take this Easter weekend to began to compile their lives for the past 6-8  I know, you are saying a big task and only one weekend?  Yes, I did a quick look in my rearview mirrow, skimmed some photos and past artistic endevours and realized that my girls are growing up and right before my eyes.  I thank my lucky stars and blessing from above for the love and kindness, the artistic and musical talents, the fun times and hard times and mostly the hours spent watching them mature and grow as Christian girls....young ladies if you will.  I cherish every hard day or moment of struggle in a subject that didn't come easy, a moment of tears as sisterly love didn't win, and that time spent watching them and learning from them.  How to be a better mom, a better Christian and a better person,....these are the lesson I have learned from them.  I have seen my patience waver, my love poured out, my sleep vanish, my laughter come at the most tense moments, my girls show compassion for others, my sadness show through at the deeps of sorrow or pain, my pride in these children of God and their need to learn from me and my weakness/failures.  These are the things that God has shown me through my daughters and I am so thankful for each moment spent.

I have learned throughout this experience of homeschooling, that no matter what they are my daughters and I love them unconditionally.  Most of the time....that is.  I am not perfect and neither are they....but that is what God mold and perfect us for his use, his glory.

As we look back on this year, I ask myself....what have they accomplished, gained and learned:

So much, more than I could have asked....besides learning about history of Christ and all the authors of our bible, they have learned about the world and missionaries who had it all and left their lives for God's work, they have studied addition and subtraction, multiplication and multiple step multiplication with regrouping, they have also learned a new language and how nature works in God's great plan....but most importantly they have learned more about themselves and life that God has planned for them.  They have learned about compassion for our fellow man, patience with their siblings, love for others (big and small), and how to be good mommies and friends to those they call "home".  I only hope that they can turn into as good a mom as my mother was and is to me.

God bless and have a great April!

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