Friday, November 12, 2010

Life in view of Christ.....Thankful

As we approach a holiday that has become known as the day before Black Friday, I would like to reflect on why I am thankful. As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes wonder how others could let these precious moments pass by.  I am so thankful to God, my dear husband and my children for the time we get to have a family!~

I wouldn't want to waste one single moment doing the mundane things of this world for a job I could love or hate, for my girls going to be schooled by someone with 27 other students to watch/teach or a for food on the go, since I am working all day (no time to sit with family and enjoy a meal).  If there is one thing I learned from my mother it was it is possible to have a good home-cooked meal ready for your family and allow them to have time as a family to end the day right!  Thanks mom for allowing me to learn how to take care of my family as God asks me to, by caring on your traditional I have been able to enjoy talking with John about the girls day, lessons and life in general.  We treasure our times together over a good meal and the fact that we have no one to worry about paying or being rushed to leave the table.  We love that God has allowed our family this time to reflect on the days blessings and yet, grow in our faith by thanking him for all he gives us.

The girls are such a gift that I sometimes find myself, like most others, forgetting to thank them for being who God has made them.  They are so pure and their hearts are full of peace, love and joy.  This is how all of us start out our walk with Jesus, pure and full of God's love.  But somewhere along the way we get lost and fear the things of this world.  We are given choices and sometimes choose the pleasures of this world.  The only problem with that is they are short-lived and provide a temporary bliss that blocks the view of our heavenly treasure that awaits those who say on his path!  I want to reflect this Thanksgiving holiday on those things that my eyes have lost sight of: Heaven, my blessings (children) and my family. 

I am thankful for a God who forgives me despite my wandering eyes, who knows me so completely that he can guide me back at a moments notice.  I am thankful for a God who saves me when I know not what to do or where to go.  I am most thankful for the Lord who loves me unconditionally that he teaches me to do the same with my family, children and everyone else.  

Please take some time to reflect this holiday on the blessing that God has placed in your lives.....and don't forget to thank the King who made all this life has to offer including forgiveness possible!

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