Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spirals:New theme/week

I wanted to start taking time to record some of the fun projects we're doing in school....so here goes!

Luna will be doing a "Spiral" theme idea with themes in beach, sky and sea.  We will spend a week looking in these three areas and a week looking in nature around our house!

The girls are having so much fun with our beach theme that we are going to look more closely at shells and the idea of spirals inside and out.  Then we will continue with spiral theme in the ocean and beyond the sea into the sky!  Each day we will look at a different aspect of spirals and create a collage at the end of our study.

Week One: Spiral on the Beach....
We will take a look at different shells and how the sea creatures create spirals for homes. How they move into and how hermit crabs find new homes.

Week Two: Spiral in to Ocean...
We will look at waves and ocean swirl patterns created by currents

Week Three: Spirals in ocean floor...
A closer look at the ocean floor and the animals that live there.  How camoflauge plays a role in keeping enemies away and how spirals can do that in fishes and other sea floor creatures.

Some of the resources include:
Jennie Fulbrights NotebookPages for Apolgia ocean zoology
Homeschoolshare's Animal studies
Squidoo.com science-notebooking
Shell collectionsjan Brett's Shell Rounding math
Charlotte Mason shell sorting
More art ideas with spirals & shells

Rayne will be doing a "Seuss" theme month along with her "Alphabugs" theme for school projects.
Seuss Lapbooks


  1. Great ideas! I hope it's going well and your kids are having fun! Thanks so much for joining in our "Spiral" theme this month.

  2. Love the Spiral theme! Thanks for sharing our shell painting activity with your readers. Hope you (and they) have fun with it!

    I'm looking forward to spending more time on your blog. And please let us know if you have ideas/feedback of how we can do more to help homeschooling parents.

    Take care!

    Kat (Education.com)